Non-Surgical Fat Removal
& Body Contouring

Vanquish & Cellutone

Vanquish ME is the latest FDA approved, non-invasive, contactless therapy to permanently remove fat from the abdomen, love handles, and legs. Vanquish offers the largest treatment area for fat reduction atlanta in the industry. Vanquish eliminates excessive fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. Vanquish technologies uses selective radiofrequency and thermal heat. Fat cells are heated to 120 degrees. At this temperature, fat cells become injured, rupture, and eventually die. The body metabolizes the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system and eliminates them from your body through waste. Results are proven, noticeable, and long-lasting. Most clients begin to notice results after 2-3 weeks of the first treatment. Optimal results can be usually seen after a couple of months. Due to the industry’s largest spot size, more fat can be removed from a patient at a lower cost.

The BTL VANQUISH ME technology is based on the elevation of fat temperature. As such, there is no risk of paradoxical adipose hyperplasia – a phenomenon related to technologies based on tissue freezing.

Balanced Bodies Sandy Springs uses Vanquish and Cellutone to treat the problematic midsection, flanks, and legs by targeting fat without damaging the skin or muscle tissue. Vanquish and Cellutone treatments have the additional benefits of body contouring and skin tightening. There is no downtime, needles, or pain and treatments are completed in as little as 45 minutes. We recommend a minimum of four treatments, one week apart for the best results. Therapy is competitively priced. Financing is also available.