Emsella for ED | Naturally Obtain + Sustain Erection

Emsella for ED is a non-invasive treatment that helps men who have erectile dysfunction (ED). The treatment uses electromagnetic energy to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. This is ideal for men with difficulties obtaining or maintaining an erection or men who experience premature ejaculation. With Emsella treatments, men can target the causes of erectile dysfunction so that they can obtain and sustain an erection naturally, without the use of ED drugs like Viagra or Cialis or for individuals who do not respond to medications.


● Natural ED treatment
● An alternative for ED drugs like Viagra or Cialis
● The patient stays fully clothed during a treatment
● 30-minute, pain-free sessions
● Improve ability to obtain an erection
● Reduce premature ejaculation
● No downtime
● Ideal after surgery or prostate cancer treatment


Emsella stimulates muscle contractions using Highly Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. During a treatment, the patient sits, fully clothed, on an ergonomic chair. The Emsella chair, also known as the “Kegel throne,” sends HIFEM energy into the muscle tissues of the pelvic floor. The energy stimulates powerful muscle contractions at a superhuman rate. One 30-minute treatment induces more than 11,000 contractions. This is the equivalent of manually performing 11,000 Kegels.


Weak muscles in the pelvic floor often hinders blood flow, leading to erectile dysfunction. Issues with the pelvic floor are especially common in men as they age or those who undergo treatment for prostate cancer. Emsella helps men obtain and sustain an erection by improving neuromuscular control and improving blood flow. It also helps men suffering from urinary incontinence.


Men may see improvement after a single Emsella treatment. However, to improve sexual function, most men undergo a series of at least six treatments. As with all ED treatments, results may vary.*

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